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Remember it is important that your (Gutter and Downspouts) are properly cleaned out and downspouts opened prior to repair. Since most gutter and downspout problems originally occurred from gutters/downspouts not properly maintained.



When your gutters are filled with leaves, they become clogged and fill with rain.
When filled with rain, clogged gutters can tear away from the structure, and the water can cause damage to the surrounding wood and ruin the gutters themselves.

Having your gutter system cleaned on a regular basis will save you time and money!
When we clean your gutters, all debris are hand scooped and placed in bags.

No matter what type of gutter system you have, it must be kept clean to do its job.

Even if you have screens over your gutters, small particles from your roof will get past those screens and eventually clog your drainage system.

A clogged drainage system will not only cause damage to your roof line, but your foundation as well.
A damp foundation is nothing more than a breeding place for mold, mildew and other nasty things.
Also, standing water in your drainage system is the proper enviornment for mosquito's etc. to breed, and if you have standing water, there is a 100 percent chance that the side of your home is damp. Some bugs just LOVE damp wood!

Proper maintenance of gutters is a dangerous job. You must be propperly equipped, OR ELSE!


Commonly asked questions on gutters:

Your (Gutter/Downspout) system was designed to catch the (maximum) flow of water from your roof.
If your gutters are clogged, the water has no where to go except either (over) your gutters or (underneath) your facia board (roof line).

It will find it's way around or in your foundation or inner walls not to mention windows.
We can't begin to tell you how many people hire roofers and make unnecessary calls (ONLY) to receive a report of your gutters need to be cleaned out.

Cleaning out the gutters without downspouts, is only doing 50% of the job.
Your (Downspouts) are designed to take the water (Safely) away from your property's dwelling.
If your (Downspouts) are not properly opened and flowing, the water will back up find it's way over or underneath your gutter system.

It will find its way inside.
And there is enough local reports on internal water damages.

It is important to do this (2) times a year.

(Preventative and General maintenance.)Very important.

Especially if you skipped the (Fall) clean up and the (Spring and Summer) foliage accumulates.
We also can use the water for flushing and do repairs if necessary.

FALL:(General maintenance) This cleaning is (VITAL) to your property.

Your gutters if not serviced (PROPERLY) will cause damage to your home.
Since trees shed their leaves and debris at this time of season it's important with the rain that (ALL) water needs to flow properly.

Many people call for service in the middle of the rainy season with many problems of (Water damage) and (Mold) problems.

This can be avoided if your Gutters and Downspouts are properly maintained.

We have (2) ways of cleaning your gutters.

- By using our ladders
- By roof

If the (roof) is strong and sturdy we will walk it to give us the best look and way to get your gutters/downspouts cleaned out and opened.

Or we may use our ladders all the way around if needed.

According to the season:(Spring and Summer)
When we start off cleaning out all gutters, we use buckets and bags to put the debris into.
Then, we check out all downpipes to make sure they are opened and flowing.
If the downspouts are clogged we will un-clog them.

If it does not, we will either rod out the downspout or disassemble them to get them cleared.
Once all gutters are cleaned and downspouts are opened we will use the water hose to flush out all gutters to get them as clean as could be.

This also helps us out to catch the problem areas that we will call to your attention.
And since we do (maintenance) repair we may even assist in this issue as well (if needed).

Yes we do. - and take all with us.

We will even sweep around your property when if needed.

By the size of property square meters and overall size.

This depends on the needs of the client.
If there is an emergency we strive to get to your property within (24) hours.

Otherwise typically we do (GUTTER - DOWNSPOUT) cleaning jobs within (4) days.

No!! We offer (3) different ways to clean/service your gutters.(Upon receiving authorization.)

Just show up during business hours.
Call client beforehand.
Usually done the day of.

Phone client to set up time/date when available to arrive.
Unless there is a (Repair) issue, we prefer the client is there.

what if I am not on premises when "ACTIVE CLEAN" service person arrives and what if after the gutter clean out, there is a repair issue that needs attention?

If we notice any sort of repair needed, we will leave behind a written note and we will contact you to discuss.



What is "Active Clean" Satisfaction Guarantee?

We care about our cleaning service to you, and we're not satisfied if you're not. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If something was missed, and you are not satisfied with your cleaning, please notify us within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will go back at our expense to correct the problem.




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