Cleaning games motivate children from TV viewing to chores

(ARA) - Did you know there is a direct correlation between watching more than four hours of TV a day and obesity?

There is a solution:

Now, you can break your children's television habit, help them stay healthy, and get a clean house all by making chores fun.

The best way to fight obesity is aerobic activity.
One of the nation's foremost maid services, has found that many cleaning activities double as aerobic exercise.
In fact, vacuuming can burn as many as seven calories a minute!
So, the solution to combating obesity and a dirty house-enlist your children's help with chores.

You say your children won't trade the remote for a mop?

Make cleaning a game

The following tips will sweep your children off the couch and into cleaning:

Musical Chores: Designate a project (dusting, scrubbing the floor, picking up toys) to each child and start the music.
Every time the music turns off, the children switch chores.

Mow the Carpet: Young children can mimic what you are doing. If you're vacuuming, give them a toy lawn mower to
use in the house. Then they can "mow" the carpet while you vacuum.

Puppet Dusters: Make sock puppets for dusting and start a contest to see whose puppet gets the dirtiest.

Puppet Shiners: You and your child each wear a sock puppet to clean the patio door window.
You're on the outside and he/she's on the inside.
Make it a game to follow one another's hand movement as you clean the window.

Baseboard Race: Start two children next to one another in the same room.
The child that gets to the end of the room/house first wins a prize.

Dash for Trash: Designate a laundry basket for each child. Start a timer for 30 seconds and see which child can put
the most in his/her basket before the timer goes off.

Hide and Seek: Hide five spoons in various spots (under cushions, on windowsills, under pillows)
and see if your child can find all of them by the time he/she is finished cleaning.

By turning cleaning chores into fun and games, your kids are off the couch, helping with housework, and having fun with the family.



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